Trix Complex Game


Trix, pronounced Tricks or Trex, and also known as Ticks, is a four-player Middle Eastern card game mainly played in the Levant region (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine) and Saudi Arabia.


Trex is a compendium game in which there are four rounds with each round consisting of two games.


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How Do I Play Trix Complex?

General Information

A standard poker deck with 52 cards is used

The game is played with the four standard suits: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades

Card power ranks: Ace > King > Queen > Jack > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2

Each player is dealt 13 cards

Starting the Game

  • Choosing the first player
    • Cards are dealt and the player holding the 7 of hearts plays first and is said to own the first kingdom.
  • Play order for dealing
    • After the first player finishes his kingdom, the kingdom passes to the player on his right (counter-clockwise)


  • Players take turns to own a kingdom
  • Each kingdom consists of 2 contracts that the player has to play to finish his kingdom
  • The player can play the 2 contracts in any order during his kingdom
  • Each contract can be played only once during that players’ kingdom
  • The kingdom ends when the player has played both of his contracts
  • When the kingdom ends, the next player in line becomes king and proceeds to declare any of the 2 contracts




The player who takes the trick containing the king of hearts gets his points reduced by -75.

The player who takes the trick containing a queen gets his points reduced by -25.

The player who takes the trick containing a diamond card  gets his points reduced by -10 for each diamond he collects.

Each trick taken costs the collecting player -15 points.


When the contract is announced, players who have the king of hearts or any queen have the option of revealing them to the other players and in doing so doubling their value. Hence, this process is called “doubling”. If the player doubling the card fails and collects it, his or her points are reduced accordingly. Oppositely, If another player collects any of the doubled cards, his points are reduced by -accordingly (double the standard value) and the player who originally had it gets extra points.


The goal here is to get rid of cards as soon as possible. However, it cannot happen in a random manner. It always begins with the jacks and then upwards in each suit until the ace, then downwards to the 2. The dealer begins and play continues counter-clockwise. At your turn must play one card if you can. Legal plays are any jack or any card that is one rank higher or lower than a card that has already been played. If you are unable to play, you pass.


The first player who runs out of cards scores +200 points, the second scores +150 points, the third +100 points and the last gets +50 points.


There is no doubling in Trix


The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the session.

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